Are you ready?

*** Warning Adult Sexual Content! ***

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” she asked, her finger swirling circles thru the pre-cum dripping out and pooling on the head of his rigid cock.
It was swelling within its own skin, the steel ring already encircling it a trap in itself.
The blood went in, pumped with relentless surety, as was his desire to experience chastity.
The ring however was a one way street, and that which went freely in, would not be freely allowed out.
Of course in his naivety, he was blind to all but that which was Her.
He closed his eyes and thrust his hips into the air desperately chasing further pressure from her touch.
He moaned in frustration as her finger danced away from him.
“Yes…yes!” he hissed, beside himself.  He just wanted relief, his addled brain confusing her question with what her teasing finger promised.
“OK, just remember, you asked for this.” She smiled and leaned in, her hair falling around his face and tickling his skin in a million places at once.  Her lips brushed over his, soft and warm, in direct contrast to the cold steel cage now pressed over his manhood.
“Shh, just lay with me, just relax,” she murmured to him, quieting him as she lay her head down onto his chest.
The sounds of the street below drifted into the small apartment, muted yet loud when contrasted with the silence of the bedroom within.
His breathing gradually slowed and along with it he softened.
The smell of her hair wafted into his nostrils, soothing him.
He finally relaxed, loosing himself in her presence and was startled at the sudden pressure on his shaft.
His eyes flew open as he realized she’d manoeuvred the cage into place.
He was about to open his mouth, tell her he’d changed his mind, that he wanted to fuck her senseless, that it was all just crazy talk.
He felt movement down there and she pushed up off him, turning to show him the key in her hand.
She smiled wickedly, “I’m glad you were ready, so am I”.

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