New Release: Hotwife Holiday

Like most couples who’d been together as long as they had, Henry and Beth had shared some kinky talk and even kinkier fantasies over the years. Well, Henry had anyway. Beth had listened and on rare occasions even humored him, but life had generally gotten in their way.
Now with the Kids away to college, freedom was finally theirs. The time for fantasy talk was over. She knew what she wanted, and what he needed. Whether he was ready or not, it was time to go on a holiday.
She was going to help him help her make this the vacation they both wanted it to be, or at least what she wanted it to be!
Chastity, denial, cuckolding, and a woman pushing her man to his very limits come together in this sizzling tale of a hotwife in the making.
An Erotic Novel by B.R. Saiph

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