New Release! Fortnight: True Love Won’t Be Denied

Fortnight: True Love Won’t Be Denied
Matt was the guy everyone at the college wanted to be. He had rugged good looks, a devilish charm, and a new girl on the back of his motorcycle every time you saw him. His ego was as big as his reputation, and about the only thing keeping him in check was his best friend Clare.
He’d always been attracted to her stunning beauty and keen mind, but she’d been hurt before and he knew better than to risk their friendship.
That all changed the day he could no longer hold back but nothing is free, most certainly not her heart.
Self-discovery can be challenging enough, but with Covid-19 raging everywhere, this couple must find a way to navigate their new world and each other.
A tale of young love, trust, and self-exploration into the world of submission, dominance, and male chastity.
An Erotic Novel by B.R. Saiph


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