Do you have a story in you?

I think we all do.

We all have an image in our head of the perfect story told the way we always wanted to read it, regardless of genre.
Concepts, feelings and emotions, depth and detail, and whatever else not explored to our satisfaction as a reader in the genre we are passionate about.

For myself, I had to write The Good Wife, and even then I still didn’t capture everything the way I wanted.
That said, I am glad I did it because I found that getting it out of me and onto paper to be very “something”.
What is the word to describe how writing that story made me feel? Liberated, purged, relieved, satisfied, complete? I’m not sure there is just one word.

What I do know for sure is if you have an untold story in you, then I highly recommend getting it out and onto paper.
Even if you never publish, you will have done it!
Us readers hope you do publish though because you as a writer never know who your story may resonate with.


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