I write about fetishes. There I said it. Hold on though, that shouldn’t be a surprise to you as a reader. After all don’t we know what we are choosing to read?

I know mine doesn’t align with everyone’s and I get that. I guess I assume when someone reads my work that they have a predilection for the topic about which I’m passionate enough to not only write about, but to publish as well.

Today I found a review that attacked me as a person because of emotions my story The Landlady evoked in them.

If someone feels powerfully about a story I write, please feel free to praise or decimate it as you see fit. I have broad shoulders.

Is it too much to ask that me and my life as a regular guy with a job, a wife, kids, bills, and oh my God yes , a mind that has fantasies, be accorded some modicum of respect?

Or should I ask after you eviscerate me as a person for daring to share my story, “What have you published?”

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