Chasing The End

I find no matter my intentions when beginning a new story, invariably once I begin, I immediately start chasing the end.

I tell myself ‘This time it will be different, this time I will relax and just enjoy the story as it unfolds, no pressure.’

I’ve come to realize I’m a bit addicted to the emotional high of typing those two words. Even more so, the rush I get from publishing and then promoting the fact that I’ve actually achieved the end game is like emotional cocaine.

I now type those two words ‘The End’ at the start of each new story. I carriage return throughout, pushing them down and away as I go, but keeping them with me at all times.

It scratches the itch, removes the urge to type them because they are already there, and helps me focus on the writing journey, and savor it for the amazing experience it is.

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