Post Release Drop

For those of you who publish, if you’re like me then the release day is a culmination of immense anticipation and ultimately pleasure.
The pleasure of watching it go live, the first sale, and if so very lucky, maybe a rating or review.
Now though it’s been a few days and I’m coming down.  Still riding the wave but starting to feel a bit sad, like we all do when something amazing is over.
I feel an emptiness, an aching for that experience which cannot be had because it is done.
I realized it was very much akin to ‘cum drop’, where post orgasm you experience regret that it’s over and don’t know when it will happen again.  Feeling a loss for all that you’d suffered so long for, gone faster than you can ever prepare yourself for.
Both are cruel reminders to enjoy and embrace the NOW!

Whatever your passion, live it, own it.

For myself, I’m going to relax and savor the release of Hotwife Holiday.  Every second of it, whilst awaiting the next tale to whisper terribly naughty things in my ear taunting me to engage it.


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