“What are you afraid of?”

Warning, adult sexual content!


“What are you afraid of?” she asks me.
“I’m not sure, I guess everything” I admit.
Her hand tightens on my shoulder as she leverages herself to push the plug all the way in.
I grunt and relax slightly as I realize the worst of it is over.
Her breath is hot on the back of my neck and her lips tease my ears. “Do you trust me?”
I don’t hesitate. The bathroom mirror is directly in front of me and I nod as my eyes lock on hers.
She smiles and I turn, taking her in my arms.
All too soon our time together is done and she honks the horn with complete abandon, waving her arm out the window at me as she drives away.
I smile and wave back, and I feel good. It feels right. She is an amazing woman and I’m so thankful to be rocking this with her.

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