Don’t Rush It

Let’s not even talk about that working on my #wip has been impossible with my shoulder out of commission.

I f-cked it good last week burying my sweet pet. Not a good time.

Emotionally I’ve been drained and with being unlocked since Saturday, I’ve been a little head spun.

Am I crazy? Complete freedom and yet a little (or a lot) of muscle discomfort and a sad heart make for complete disinterest in being naughty with myself?

I feel passionately that first it’s a serious transgression to masturbate or enjoy any physical sexual pleasure without permission (not that I haven’t 😈),and second that if I can’t fully enjoy it, it’s damn near sacrilegious to devalue the opportunity.

That said, I’m feeling better both physically and emotionally and I’m coming around! I’m missing my characters and their journey.
I love living the story in my mind and feeling their emotions, and envisioning the people behind them. They are real, if I let go and let them be.

Letting the story out, in due time.

Resisting the urge to settle for what is essentially forced.

Allowing myself to self-indulge in the f’n amazing experience of being a writer.

Livin’ writing, livin’ ‘it’, well…Wow!

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