“Why do you?”

“Why do you kneel and rub her feet?” The man’s muscles rippled beneath his skin tight shirt and casual diner jacket, the disapproval evident on his not unattractive chiseled face. The dance music pounded a relentless beat as the lights of ‘The Club’ flickered around and over us.

I could see the movement of others fucking all around me, but didn’t focus on that. I focused on Her. It was all about Her.

“Because it brings Her pleasure.” I took a brief moment to look at him, to make my point clear. I was nobodies slave, yet I was, in truth, Hers, albeit willingly.
He shrugged and walked away.

She looked at me. “Yep.”
Returning her gaze, but with even more apathy, “Yep.”

I once again gazed lovingly upon her soles and nibbled on her toes in a moment of joyful weakness.
Giggling, she gently slapped her hand over the top of my head, pillowing her fingers into my hair and then gripped my head tight, pulling my face upwards between her legs.
“Fuck talking about it, show me you know what I need…”