New Release (sort of): The Landlady

(Previously published as “Accommodations”, by B.R. Saiph).

The original title and cover just weren’t having the effect I’d hoped for. I think moving forward I’m going to be more direct with my cover as to what to expect from the book.

This is a tale of a beautiful older woman who completely and thoroughly breaks a younger man, to the point where even he thinks it’s ok to be seen as nothing more than meat, and be treated as such.



Amazon vs Smashwords vs Goodreads

My two cents or rather $0.004 on the debate as to which is better for marketing your books.

I have found in my limited experience that offering free books on Smashwords is a very successful means of gaining readership and developing name recognition.

As far as sales though, for myself Amazon is leading at 100% and Smashwords 0%.

I could not get Amazon to price match to $0.00 for my free reads so moving forwards I plan to market my free reads on Smashwords and paid reads on Amazon.

Goodreads is an essential component regardless of what marketplace you utilise, for readership and rankings/reviews.

Each author must decide for themselves what’s best for them. I hope this works for me but only time will tell.


Thank you!

It’s been such an exciting time publishing my first full length e-book & paperback The Good Wife. I of course ordered a paperback copy for a keepsake!

I would like to humbly thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to read it. I was so thrilled to receive a review!

I’m inspired keep going because there is nothing like the feeling of having someone enjoy what you’ve written.

Thanks so much!

B.R. Saiph